Happiness Coaching

Through one-on-one and group coaching Tiffany and Jill will help you bring your dreams into focus and ignite the personal power within you that it takes to turn those dreams into your daily reality.

A live event with Rise UP n Shine is like nothing else you've ever experienced. Get ready to not only gain clarity about your future and your soul's path but also learn to use the tools presented to create a life of happiness and joy now, everyday, in all that you do.

Vision Boards

A vision board is so much more than what you've imagined. After spending the morning shedding the blocks that limit your vision you will create a representation of your future and leave with the tools to live into that exact vision.

Your Happiness Facilitators

Tiffany has been on a self-healing journey for over 20 years, owning several businesses in her quest to find true happiness. With continuously feeling that it was everyone else’s responsibility to make her happy, she has finally discovered she could only find it within herself. Through her teachings and coaching practice Tiffany has developed a passion for helping people raise their vibrational level to attract the love, adventure and career they desire and deserve.



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Jill has spent 30+ years as an entrepreneur and business owner. By successfully navigating the challenges of a solopreneur she was able to create her own schedule and the life she desired. Through the Law of Attraction and a knowing of how the universal laws work she has created a life that is filled with peace and joy everyday. Her soul’s passion in life is to help other’s attain the same.



I'm more excited about the future of my business than I have ever been. I'm on a journey to success and I know Jill is going to help me get there.

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When life feels heavy I can always count on Tiffany to help me regain my balance and get my life back on track.

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Tiffany holds her clients in their best light. Her passion and enthusiasm for helping her clients is second to none.

What We are all about

Rise UP n Shine fulfills a need in this time and space. In today’s world everyone looks at “what is” instead of what they want. We are here to inspire global momentum to encourage others to focus on what they want and desire rather than on “what is.” By creating Rise UP n Shine, Tiffany and Jill encourage others to start their day focusing on the good rather than the bad and to help them see that shining their light and their true happiness inspires other’s to do the same.


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What You Can Expect

Through their experiences and triumphs, Tiffany and Jill have learned the tools and techniques to help you create forward progress in YOUR OWN life. You can count on them to show you their authentic selves and show up totally transparent. Through this guidance you can create the energy you need to manifest all of your desires. They will help you discover a road map that creates the momentum to drive you forward toward your motivation, vitality, potential and happiness.

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Share your biggest dreams with Tiffany or Jill. Tell us where your challenges lie. If you don't know, let us help you define them. After we do this we can decide together...
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