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Are you present in the Shower?

One of the best places to practice being present is in the shower or bathtub. That’s because there are a variety of things you can use to engage your senses in the bathroom. Start by paying attention to these three things …

The feel of the water - Focus first on the temperature of your water. Is it hot, cool, or lukewarm? How does it feel against your skin? Are the drops from the shower head running down your back? Is the bathtub water swirling around your toes?

The scent of your products - Your favorite shampoos and conditioners have a familiar smell. Close your eyes as you use them and see if you can pick out the various smells in them. For example, can you tell there’s lavender in your body wash? Does your shampoo have notes of jasmine?

The texture of your towel or sponge - As you leave the shower or bath, pay attention to the textures against your skin. Is your towel soft and plushy? Or is it scratchy and uncomfortable? What about the clothes you put on afterwards? Does your robe have a familiar scent? Is your favorite cotton t-shirt cool against your skin as you slide into it?

You can practice mindfulness anywhere, of course! However, the bathroom is an excellent place to start if you’re struggling to stay present in your day-to-day life.

Sending you Love and ABUNDANCE,

Tiffany and Jill

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